Paddy getting schwifty!
The rocks at Longbeach remind one of ancient bricks. Here is Joel belaying Paddy during our warm up session.
Joel eyes up the next climb. Around the corner there is a grade 18 or 19 which we've lead a few times but never clean enough to be completely satisfied with it. 
Paddy hitting a grade 20. This move might seem easy, but it's tough, there is a hold wrapped around the corner in the upper right (just sitting beside the rope with white chalk around it) which you can uncomfortably fit about 2.5 fingers in with a decent enough swing and a bit of luck you'll get it. 
Dark & Light
Joel leaning back getting ready to place a quickdraw on that infamous 18/19.
On the way back to earth.
Paddy's dirty rope hands! And we'll call it a day.