A 1 day jaunt up Sharks Tooth Peak in Aspiring National Park, New Zealand. This album was from our first attempt at climbing this. We've tried it twice, but each time experienced some mishap that caused us to go back. I like to think we'd actually finish the job next time.

Elliot taunts the mountain from a good safe distance.
Elliot now seriously contemplating the reality of us getting up there.
Sharks Tooth Peak, in all its glory.
Joel and Elliot making strides along the path.

The above image highlights the ridge-line we should have followed when attempting the climb. We decided to duck off down to the left, and follow the left most ridge-line which was the undoing of the journey.

Joel tells us he's sick.
Better give him a breather.
Looking back on the Matukituki Valley. Raspberry flat below the mountains is where we started. You can see the car park down the bottom left of the image. 
Looking towards the col we were supposed to be in by now. This image was taken before we turned back.

I've somehow lost the rest of the images here, I'll try and find the second attempt photos where Joel and I managed to make it more of an impressive distance up.